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Day 1

So my pastor has challenged me and some other students in the church to start 120 days of listening for God’s voice. It’s 4 months of seeking God with everything we have, devoting all our time and energy to deepening our relationship with Him.

As soon as my pastor challenged us, I knew that now was the right time. Everything in the past weeks and months had been leading up to this point in my life, when God asks that I lay down everything and just sit with Him. So, I thought I would document my experiences in here for yall. The first day was really all about me slowing down. There weren’t any divine revelations or anything out of the ordinary, other than me taking my busy mind and relaxing it. I was still busy, I still had a lot of stuff to get done, but my mind was calm and rested and focused, as much as possible, on Jesus. 🙂 So far, my 120 days is going great!


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I want to be leading and changing. I don’t want to be a side person or a follower, I don’t want to be there when history changes, I want to be the catalyst! It doesn’t matter where, what, or how, I just want to shout from the rooftops what god is speaking to my heart and see it take action on the people around me. I could take up nearly any cause and be its champion, I could cry out for those without voices, I could speak the truth that transforms lives. I don’t care what God calls me to do, as long as I’m not sitting on the sidelines or dealing with the mundane. I want in the game, I want on the front lines.

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* What does it look like to live as if life is a vapor?
Living life as a vapor requires attentiveness. You don’t ignore things and you notice things that no one else does. All of a sudden, you enjoy simple things much more like 5 minutes to be able to sit still or some pretty flowers in a window. You live more in the here and now, but not in a whimsical or reckless fashion. Instead, you are utterly aware of here and now and are careful in your actions because it might be the last thing you ever do, and to leave this world with a misplaced word or a slap to someone’s face would be catastrophic. You listen to people when they talk to you and you savor each bite you take and you give a smile when others give you angry words. Pet peeves are no more, anxiety and stress have expired, and setbacks are simply setbacks. Our relationships with God are more intimate and meaningful. Changing the world becomes an immediate possibility.

* What does it look like to live unafraid of death?
Being unafraid of death allows you to hear God tell you things you couldn’t hear before. When you fear death, anything that might cause death is not allowed into your though processes. Once that fear is gone, God can call you to change the world in ways you would never imagine. A generation without fear of death is a generation of Jim Elliots.

*  What is the difference between foolhardiness and fearlessness?

Foolhardiness is when you act in ways that endanger yourself with no thought for anyone else. This can be thrill-seeking behavior such as bungee jumping, cliff diving, swimming with sharks, etc. Or it can be things such as drinking, drugs, lots of random sex, etc. Fearlessness is courage and bravery and chivalry. Fearlessness is when the thought of your own safety never even enters your mind. Fearlessness is a fighter pilot flying right over enemy territory. Fearlessness is throwing your body over a grenade. Fearlessness is entering a hostile tribe to preach the gospel. Fearlessness is standing up for the rights of those who can’t.

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