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Hey guys! I want to thank y’all so much for joining the group and supporting me in prayer!

God has actually shut the doors for me to go overseas this summer. I originally thought He just didn’t want me going on certain trips and had a specific trip for me to join but now that all of them are shut I understand that its not God’s will for me this summer.

What God has opened up for me is a job that not only ministers to my heart, it ministers to my employers as well. I’m a domestic helper for two families, both of which have amazing and Godly women and are intensely involved in ministry through books, music, and preaching. It is such a blessing to me to be able to work for them because A) I know I’m helping them and my work matters B) I’ve already become a part of the family and C) I get such a joy from being around them and watching how God wants a family to work.

Also, I get to start working with the youth at my church, which I am excited about and work my home church’s youth camp as well as my current church’s youth camp. I also believe God wants me to work over the summer so I can try and get my finances in order, seeing as how they have been very shaky this past year because of my carelessness.

I believe God wants me growing and maturing in my spiritual walk before sending me out again for missions. I still feel that overseas missions is a part of God’s call for me, but obviously I still need “training” here at home. I also believe that God is trying to show me and train me to be the kind of Godly woman my future husband will need. Watching the women I work with support their husbands is a real blessing since I believe I too will end up marrying a man fully devoted to missions.

All in all, I’m slightly disappointed but still so excited for what God’s doing in my life. Prayers will still be appreciated and since I will be here for the summer (living in a townhome on campus) I want to see all ya’lls beautiful faces a lot! 🙂


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