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This year has been really exciting for me! I’ve seen God work in so many ways, there’s no way I could describe it all within this little letter although I love talking about so feel free to call me if you want the whole story!


I started college not knowing why I was even in college, I didn’t know what I was going to major in, I had no direction really I was just going with the flow. My first semester I was really challenged to break out of my comfort zone because I knew no one on campus, I hadn’t made a new friend in years and I hadn’t been to a new church in probably 10 years. I’m now going to a church called The Community at Lakeridge which I really have fallen in love with mainly because it’s a brand new church and is small compared to my old church, First Euless. Because it is small, I actually am a part of what goes on in the church. It still blows my mind that I have the pastor’s cell number and can call him whenever I need to. This kind of relationship/community oriented church was completely foreign to me.


So this year I have grown more in God than I ever have my entire life and let me tell you it is the most amazing thing! To live my life for God, nothing is an obstacle, nothing is a problem. I have been praying constantly, asking God for my calling, specifically for a major. I’m almost done with basics and I really wanted to know what major God was calling me to so I could start taking the appropriate classes. Well, God has perfect timing is all I can say. I am now a psychology major, I am going to teach in lower level income schools after I get my undergraduate degree, and then I will take a masters program in Global Leadership at Dallas Baptist. What God has for me after that, I’m not sure but I’m really feeling an international calling, hence my masters program.


In lieu of my new “revelation”, I had applied for a class that takes students to China to teach ESL. It costs the same as any other class and counts for upper level credit. I was really excited about the experience I would get from such a trip and had planned only this trip for my entire summer. That door has been closed to me however and am now looking at an entirely free summer. I’m even more excited now than I was about the trip because this leaves me completely open for whatever it is God has planned for me! I can’t wait to see what it is.


I would really appreciate prayer and any advice y’all can supply me with. This is going to be a struggle to listen closely to what God is telling me and to choose the right option. Currently, I want to go on a mission trip to Mexico with my church, The Community at Lakeridge. This is only a week however and I feel like God wants me to fill my entire summer with missions. So, I am looking to maybe intern with an organization called NEXT. Y’all might remember, I’ve gone on two mission trips with them already. This internship requires that I raise money for all the trips I go on, which would be 2 or 3 trips to places such as Mexico, Venezuela, Uganda, etc. I would really love to go to these places and interning is an excellent way to gain experience especially since I believe God might be calling me to missions later on in my life.


Money as always is an issue. As I am currently in college, I have no money I can contribute to these trips I’d like to go on. But as Warren Samuels always says, if it’s God’s will, it’s God’s bill. So while I am listening for God’s instructions, I hope that y’all are praying over me and for me, praying for NEXT as they prepare for all these trips, and also praying for your own involvement. I would love for others to join me on these trips, but even if you can’t come your prayers travel for you to these other countries. And if you feel so lead to donate, you are encouraging and empowering others to do what you are not able to.


Thank y’all so much for being such an important part of my life! Continue to pray for me as I’ll be praying for you and we’ll all listen for what God’s trying to tell us.


Sarah Beth Hutchinson


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My philosophy on dating

I’ve come to a very sure conclusion on dating. It’s completely opposite the normal view of dating and what is really sad is that it’s the opposite of a lot of Christian’s dating relationships.

I don’t think we’re dating right. We meaning Christians. I think we get a person in our lives thats a decent person, that we’re attracted to and we think it’s ok to just go for it. God has such a higher, more distinct and holy way of going about this!

I was walking to the gym to workout today and I was pondering why people seem to date willy nilly, even good Christians. That’s when it hit me, thanks to a revelation from God and my biology teacher Mr. Thomas. It’s because our society right now is caught up in two different world philosophies…we’ve merged modern and postmodern together. We believe emphatically in science. Science proves something so it must be true, if it’s not proved by science it can’t be true. But at the same time we want to experience everything, like we don’t believe smoking can kill us until we try it ourselves. So we’ve formed this way of dating that satisfies both conflicting philosophies; we date based on the scientific method.

Think about it. Boy sees girl. Girl sees boy. Girl and boy meet. Girl and boy hang out. Girl and boy go on date. Girl and boy go on another date. The story line continues until it meets disaster and stops to work. They each have an hypothesis…”she might be the one”, “he might be a great kisser”, what have you. So they test out that hypothesis by dating. If they’re hypothesis isn’t verified, i.e. if he is a horrible kisser or if she turns out not to be very compatible than they record their conclusions, form another hypothesis, and try again. It’s the trial and error version of dating.

Now I’ve talked with tons of young Christians that are as fed up as me with people dating flimsily. It’s frustrating to see people not taking it seriously, hooking up with new people every few months or so. Something inside of us knows this isn’t right, that it’s not how God intended it to be. Yet I still see Christians falling into the same habit. They think it’s ok, because they’re dating other Christians, or because they’ve been praying for that one special person and now someone has magically appeared.

Here’s my take on the dating thing. God has a plan. In fact he has several plans, trillions of them. There’s his one huge plan that encompasses everything and than plans all the way down to when you wake up in the morning. Everything is planned out precisely as it needs to happen. But there’s just one problem. We have sin in the world. And so that plan is disrupted. But we can get back on that plan. God has His pencil out, He is waiting for us to tell Him “write out your plan for me”.

Now this applies to everything in life. But let’s just look at the dating situation. God has a plan for my dating. Meaning He has one person in mind for me (not completely true since people fall in love again after deaths of spouses but that’s another subject). So there is one guy out there that I am going to marry. He’s out there somewhere. So why do we date? Isn’t it ultimately to find that one person? But we don’t have to find him. God already knows where he is. In fact, God’s writing his plan out for him too. So this whole concept of dating is not even needed! I don’t need to “date” because I don’t need to look! I truly believe that what God wants us to do is to turn our gaze towards Him, to fall in love with the ultimate Lover, to be amazed by the plan He has for us. And the person God has for us is doing the exact same thing. So that when we are exactly ready to meet, God will have us meet. Boy sees girl. Girl sees boy. Boy and girl pray for direction. God gives the a-ok. Boy and girl go on a date. Boy and girl grow together. Boy and girl get married. It’s the foolproof experiment.

I just feel we need to take relationships more seriously. Not just dating but our friendships and most importantly our relationship with God. I think we treat it more like “hey God, here’s what I’m going to do with my life” rather than an submission to the plan already set out for us. Why is it that we as modern-day Christians can’t seem to consult God on the most important matters of our lives? Like college, jobs, spending, saving, marriage, children, etc. It seems like we only go to Him when we feel like we have spiritual problems and don’t trust Him to plan out our lives in the physical world.

I’ve had this song from Weezer stuck in my head and one line just sticks in there…”My love is a life-taker”. That is so true of God’s love. He is our life-taker. That’s how it’s supposed to be. Why can’t we just let Him do what He needs to do?

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